Been a Long Time

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So its August and my summer semester has come to a close.  It feels like I had no summer with all the work I had to do all throughout.  I do have some great work to show for it as I have shown below.  For the Fall I have senior project to complete and I’ll have my Bachelor’s in graphics.  I have had to put a hold on the Final Fantasy VII Board Game to many people’s disappointment but I’ll definitely begin work on it in the Spring when things aren’t so hectic.  I really look forward to completing that but for the meantime I have senior project to worry about.  I have some great ideas for what I want to do.  I’m pretty sure I want to create a body of digital work.  I’m thinking paintings done Bert Monroy style.  Until then I’m just going to keep doing my thing and try to be as creative and productive as possible!

This is a movie poster I designed for as a class project. We were asked to movie posters based on themes, mine was foreign film.

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