Hi, I’m Matt Pennell! I was born and raised in West Babylon NY. I graduated with my Regents Diploma from West Babylon Senior High. I attended Briarcliffe College in Patchogue while holding down a job at Target where I was essentially paid in Chef Boyardee (I’m not complaining). I graduated from Briarcliffe with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. I majored in Graphic Design and loved it! I’ve been playing with Photoshop since I was in high school learning from Bert Monroy’s “Pixel Perfect” Photoshop tutorials. My 4 years at Briarcliffe changed me. It made me into a better artist and it taught me true responsibility. Target gave me people skills, Bert gave me Photoshop skills, and Briarcliffe made me a designer.

I’m currently working at SMSB Consulting Group in Haupauge NY as a Photoshop Editor. When I finish my 9-5 grind I shoot over to my side squeeze, Marketing Consultants Ink Inc. (I know). There I get to really let loose and get in some good, hardy design work. I’m always “on”, I’m always looking to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I think that in order for people to feel fulfilled, one of the requirements is to bring something into being. For some people its woodwork or cooking or just taking care of their garden. For me, I create graphics. I aspire to become a seasoned graphic designer and I’ll continue to challenge myself in order to see that goal realized.