Displayed here are my designs that reflect my college coursework. My main area of interest is photo manipulation and special effects and I think that becomes apparent here. I laid out these designs with Adobe Indesign and used Photoshop and Illustrator to handle photo edits and some of the graphic work.

Service learning – Contractors for Kids – Event advertisement

This advertisement is the product of one of my service learning assignments. Students were asked to reach out to an organization in order to provide our services. The information in the ad was provided and the design and artwork was created by me.


Squishies Fruit Snacks

This package design was self assigned and was created solely for use in my porfolio. The images of fruit were illustrated by me.


Raise the Children Brochure

This brochure was a school assignment where we were given a specific, fictitious organization to design an information handout. The images were provided for us and it was up to the individual to arrange them. I researched similar organizations to add relevant content to the pages.

Pizzeria Postcard Advertisement

Below is a postcard I designed for a class project. We were asked to create a postcard advertisement for a fictional business. This business was opening up locally and would be looking to draw in new customers. I photographed the food and arranged the elements to create a dynamic, interesting and informative design.