Final Fantasy VII The Board Game

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Hey all, I’ve been really crammed with schoolwork the past few months, but going into the summer session I should have more free time to work on my art. I’m really excited about the nice weather that’s coming but I’m even more excited about the current project that I’m working on! Right now I’m designing a board/card game based on the classic video game “Final Fantasy VII”!


This game is going to be very strategy based and will support 2-5 players for a 2-3 hour game! I’ll be uploading the card designs here but I’ll be linking them to Facebook so that I can gain support and get people interested. Hopefully that way I can get some ideas on how to solve some of the issues I’m faced with at this point.

So far I have most of the card designs figured out and I have uploaded samples to my Digital Art page. I have the Character Card, Limit Break Card, Weapon Card and Materia Card designs done. I still have to finish the Enemy Card, Boss Card and Event Card designs. I’m really excited about this and I hope I can rally the troops to really get this thing off the ground!

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